A Loft Conversion Optimizes Underused Space

The loft is usually used as a storage space where you throw all your unused items. Sometimes its left unattended while accumulating dust year after year. But how about changing it a little bit and convert it to something much useful. Add some space and transform it into a new and beautiful room.

A cellar conversion may look difficult to do, but this article will give you some information on how you do this project. It will also give you some insight into things you need to check first before you start planning. You may also check this website https://eloftconversions.co.uk to learn more. 

Check Your House Structure.

Before doing any plan, it’s better to check things first to make sure you will not encounter any problem while doing any work. First, you need to check the house foundation together with the beams and lintels. Make sure that its integrity can handle any renovation and the added weight because of the loft. For this, you can ask for a builder or an architect’s opinion to verify any problem. You can also check some of this guide to make sure you can optimize your loft.

  • Check how tall your roof is to make sure you can stand inside once the loft is converted.
  • Evaluate what type of roof you have since this can tell you if you need more money when converting it. 
  • Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration from your neighbors. If a neighbor with a similar type of loft has converted theirs, then that means you can ask for tips when converting your own.

Choose The Right Design For Its Proportion

After the loft conversion, choose a design that compliments its proportion, especially when the loft is a bit small. You can select a light-colored scheme to make the room look wider and bigger than its size. Add some warm woods and soft furnishing in the deeper shade to highlight the room’s coziness. You just have to make sure that you will not deter from your original theme when designing your converted loft .

Window Types

The windows position in your loft will be based on the shape of your roof. A long shallow room should have windows that spaced along its length while a narrow and deeper roof must have one large window. It is essential to consider what type of window you will use in the loft, especially if you want to use natural light in your attic.