Popular fireplace design ideas

Fireplace DesignA fireplace is a great and convenient addition to any property. It brings together a home and ensures that you feel warm and cozy during the cold season. Considering the numerous fireplace designs available in the market, choosing the ideal style may end up posing quite a challenge. It is important to know exactly what you are looking for before you choose a style for your place. The following are popular fireplace designs that promise to give your space that amazing touch.

Mirrored Glass
This is a stunning design that features clean and modern lines. A clear glass chimney channels all the emissions out of your home without blocking the view. It is the ideal choice for a spacious home that is well illuminated and blends in well with large glass windows. A mirror finishing at the base makes it seem as if the fireplace is floating while opening up the plan of the floor. This is rounded up by pale wood floors that make for the perfect centerpiece for a receptive and entertaining living room.

Geometric Corner Artwork
These amazing Manchester fireplaces double up as a great piece of modern artwork that will take your home décor to another level. It has a bold and aesthetic look that stands out like an artifact in a museum. This design is positioned in a corner, a unique element of style that efficiently makes use of space that is not the focus of the room. Combine this fireplace design with a sleek modern décor and you’ll have an exquisite space perfect for kicking back and relaxing.

Wood Paneled Column
This modern fireplace idea brings about an amazing monochromatic result when paired with blending shades of wood furniture. Wood paneling creates a timeless effect to a smooth and contemporary design, while the raised hearth serves to break the wide stretch of wood and keep the room looking fresh and clean. You can use a darker shade for the wood paneling against a light floor color to achieve a more striking look. The wood also has a rustic effect that will end up in a cool and classic design.

Curved Stone Fireplace
These fireplaces feature a square, blocky design that brings the feel of a blank canvas. Neutral color palettes and straight edges leave the fireplace with simple, subtle details that will perfectly complement any contemporary home. The greatest features of this choice of Manchester fireplaces are simplicity and functionality and will figure seamlessly and beautifully into any home.