Why Oak Beams Are The Best

Oak BeamsIf you’re not the type of person who works with wood, then you likely have no idea what’s out there. If you’re a professional contractor, then you probably don’t need the kind of information you’ll find on a quick Google search. But if you’re a person who’s only getting started with their own construction projects, then you should read on.

When you start a construction project it’s important to have the right kind of wood. You may think that any wood you can get from the hardware store is sturdy enough. To an extent, that’s true. However, not all wood is created equal.

Oak Beams For Sturdy Support

When you have a project that needs sturdy support, wooden beams is the primary style. These are generally 4 inches by 4 inches, making them great as support beams. People use them as legs for a tree house, the base of firewood storage containers, and for just about any other purpose that involves giving things a stable base so they don’t break or fall over.

While it’s true that any beams you get from your local hardware store will be high quality, that doesn’t mean all wood is created equal. Oak beams are absolutely the best choice in terms of durability. The oak tree has long been sought for it’s hard wood. It’s been used in things such as baseball bats, wooden practice weapons, fences, and just about any other situation where you want to make absolutely certain that it can stand up to the strength of a human strike.

Hard Wood is Good Wood

Naturally you don’t need hard wood for everything. If you’re building a wall for a house then you only need plywood. But you’d still want hard wood for the support beams that you nail the plywood on to!

For things like patio decks and gazebos, you want hard wood all the way through. These things will be out in the weather, taking a pounding from rain and wind. You need wood that’s going to stand up and weather the storm, and then support the weight of you and your family at a moment’s notice.

This is why oak is the best wood for anything you want to last. If it’s going to be outside, it needs to be made of oak. Which is why beams of oak are the exact kind of beams you need if you want to feel safe.

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