Pest Control: Most Common House Pests You Should be Aware of

pest control gilbertHouse pests can be such a nuisance if you don’t immediately get the job taken care of. There is a lot to be aware of, but these are the most common ones to look out for. You might not notice how you’ve already been sharing your home to one.

American Cockroaches

Some cockroaches can grow up to 3 inches long but are mostly only 1-2 inches. These types of cockroaches are known for their figure-8 pattern behind their head that is yellowish in color. Once they’re fully grown, both genders have wings that sit longer than their body, allowing them to fly. They are attracted to highly humid areas such as leaky pipes or any other fixtures that have water leaks. Kitchens, bathrooms, basements, underneath sinks, and laundry rooms, are places for roach habitation.


You’re lucky if there aren’t any termites that live in the soil that surrounds your home. You might save yourself the hassle of these wood-damaging pests that have accounted for $5 billion in damage repairs to most US homes. Termites usually forage for cellulose material in dead plants, fallen timber, and wood debris. Colonies can quickly develop if the soil is in good condition for termite infestation. Fortunately, they are not dangerous to humans. However, their capability to search for food in houses can lead to extreme damage that may cause you hefty prices in repair. Termite infestation should not be underestimated.

Carpenter Ants

These social insects are one of the largest species of ant in the United States. Seeing large black ants around your home might be a sign that you may have a carpenter ant problem. They usually leave tiny piles of sawdust – known as “frass” – as they burrow through wood. Frass may pile underneath a nest’s site and will often include remains of other dead insects. Like termites, they infest wood in homes, but they prefer water-damaged wood since it’s softer.


Like all rodents, house mice have sharp and continuously growing incisors. To prevent them from overgrowing; mice have to chew on hard objects consistently. This leads you to damaged furniture, appliances, and clothes. Mice will try to chew whatever they can get their teeth into. They are also easily attracted to homes with quick access to food, water, and shelter.

You might have DIY projects in mind, but doing this yourself will take you multiple attempts before getting it right. You might think you’ve gotten rid of them, but then a cockroach suddenly shows up at your doorstep. It’s safe to say to leave these tasks to experts, such as Pest Control Gilbert. They are specially trained to handle these kinds of situations.