What Kinds of Windows Do Window Installers Hang?

Whether you’re renovating or moving into a new home, window replacement should be part of the priority list. Make sure you visit this window installer to know more about the kinds of windows, as well as the quality service they offer.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are the most common type installed in most houses because of the easy maintenance and cleaning. Both the upper and lower sash can slide down or open, which helps improve air circulation and ventilation. Position these windows next to patios, walkways, or decks.

Price Range: $450 to $600

Sliding Windows

Also known as the “gliding windows,” these exude a clean and classy vibe. The sashes are designed to slide sideways (left or right) in one standard frame. The configuration for this kind of window makes it easier for you to clean, as well as provide excellent air ventilation. In addition to this, you have an unblocked view of the outside.

Price Range: $320 to $1,300 (depending on the window size)

Casement And Awning Windows

Both types are very similar because of the hinged design. Casement windows have hinges at either side, while the awning window has them at the top portion (perfect for places with mostly rainy weather). Both also provide ventilation and circulation, as well as easy maintenance. Take note that the sashes press against the frame, which means these close tightly.

Price Range: $270 to $750 per window (casement)

$420 to $760 per window (awning)

Bay Windows

Bay windows are in a protruded manner which creates a small space for a shelf. This design comprises of three angled flat windows that provide easy cleaning and proper air circulation. Window installation requires a professional because of the need for precise measurements per window. Angles range from thirty to forty-five degrees.

Price Range: $1,150 to $3,550

Custom Shape Windows

Known as “picture windows,” these are the types that do not open. The purpose of custom shape windows is only to widen your view and increase the sunlight entering your home. Also, you get to express yourself and your style by making geometric shapes and sizes.

Price Range: it depends on the design and size you choose.

Now that you know about the kinds of windows, visit this window installer and start renovating!

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