What Does An HVAC New Orleans Company Do?


Having a heating and ventilation system installed in your home is a wise addition. The location of your building also determines whether you use the warming or cooling features. For individuals located in cold regions, you are more likely to use the heating system more than houses in tropical areas. There are a variety of HVAC New Orleans to pick from to set up your unit. Here is a list of some of the most popular systems commercial buildings use:

VAV Systems

The VAV system usually comes with a packaged rooftop unit, which typically includes an electric boiler or gas for heating areas and a condenser to cool the air. For environments with low humidity, an economizer might also be required to assist the capacitor. Notwithstanding the mode you decide to use the system on, the fan is used to transport air into the duct system, which goes on to disseminate it into the environment, thereby giving your desired effect.

It has a power-saving mode when the fan speed is regulated via the variable frequency drive. When the speed is controlled, it also reduces the noise produced. A VAV system is a practical choice for areas with spacious areas.

Cooling System 

This particular system utilizes water as a means to extract and deliver heat to the environment. The water flows through an air-handling unit, which provides the desired airflow. When in the chilling mode, the system removes any form of heat in the water that is circulating through the system and ejects it outdoors, thereby giving the desired coolness. Meanwhile, in heat mode, the water circulating goes through the boiler to be heated before being released into the environment.

Water-Source Heating Pump System

If you are looking for an HVAC system that has a higher versatility and more energy-efficient, this water-based system is a wise choice. The heating pumps work similarly to an air conditioner but with a reversible function. They can be easily switched from heating to cooling modes, depending on your needs. Heat pumps range high among the list of cooling and heating systems in the market. 


An important design choice when constructing commercial buildings is having the right HVAC set up. Get the right HVAC in New Orleans by carrying out proper research before hiring. Only when you are satisfied with the services rendered should you get in touch with them