Small Bathroom Renovations Make A Big Difference

Renovations are an excellent way to change a room’s vibe as well as customize it according to your preferences. However, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. You may ask for more ideas from friends and family. If you’re interested in doing small bathroom renovations, then this article is for you.

Change The Old Bathroom Mirror

Large, square mirrors can dull down the bathroom vibes, that’s why many opt to shop and look for round vanity mirrors. If you’re on the eccentric side, you may look for irregularly shaped mirrors, or you can customize and have one made according to the shape that you like. You may also attach a bright light on the mirror for better lighting when checking your hair and makeup or taking selfies.

Style The Cabinets And Storage Containers

If you have existing cabinets mounted on the walls, you may paint over them or create a design according to your preferences. However, you may also purchase more containers so that overall, the bathroom items are 100% organized and pleasant to the eye. This tip also helps rid the floor of unnecessary clutter.


Repainting doesn’t have to be on walls alone. If you feel like painting the doors, cabinets, or even the bathtub, then you may do so. Remember that the renovation should rejuvenate your perspective and renew the room energy. If it makes you feel good, then use that neon pink paint that you want.

Change The Light Bulbs

Having an orange or yellow light can sometimes be a cause of headaches and blurry vision. Choose white LED lights as a replacement for then warm-toned bulbs. The white bulbs make the bathroom look larger and cleaner in an instant. 

Change The Sink

The sink is where you wash your face, brush your teeth, and apply your make up. It should be an area that’s clean and has storage for products that you use. You can install a mirror with a cabinet behind it so that you can place your medications, makeup, and toothbrush inside. You may also change the faucets or paint the sink itself for a better and more customized vibe.

By taking note of the tips mentioned above, you can now start on your small bathroom renovations.