Important Facts About Belt Conveyors You Need To Know

To further understand the importance of conveyor belts in the industry, you would need to find out certain facts about this particular product first. Below are some of the most well-known facts about belt conveyors that you ought to know before making a purchase.

Date Of Invention

There has been a bit of confusion regarding the appearance and invention of the first conveyor belt. It recorded a version of this particular product was sighted in the year 1795, in the late 18th century. People described it as a long strip of thin leather looped into two pulleys.

The Longest Conveyor Known To Man

The most lengthy conveyor belt was used to move limestone for transportation. It measured at least 35 km long. It spanned two countries in terms of actual length (Bangladesh and India). Conveyors are usually connected to create systems, and researchers found the longest one in Western Sahara.

The conveyor belts measure up to 7 km long individually. The entire system measured 100 km in total length.

The Importance Of Conveyor Manufacturers

These are to people responsible for creating conveyor roller systems and releasing them into the market. They’re the ones pushing the boundaries of traditional conveyors to improve industrial proceedings. Without these manufacturers, the industry of production will have failed a long time ago.

What Are The Other Uses For Belt Conveyors?

Normally, manufacturers design conveyors for easy delivery and building tasks. However, a team of engineers led by Dermot Doyle found a new use for conveyor belts. They were able to create a machine that can make pancakes with the conveyor. With the help of automated, robotic arms, the team was successful in developing the first machine to bake using conveyor belts.

Aside from cooking and overall product manufacturing, Companies also use the conveyor as a tool for quick transport and enhanced security purposes, such as those in the airports.

Final Words

With these fun and significant facts, we hope that you will not end up taking a belt conveyor for granted anymore. It is an important tool for manufacturing products, so you have to respect the machine.