Defensive Driving Tips for Beginners

Any Orlando driving school will repeatedly remind you to drive defensively. You don’t have to be anxious; it only means that you need to be alert while you are driving and anticipate what other drivers are going to do. Here are some tips that you can follow to avoid fender benders and help you become a better driver. 

Do Not Use Your Cell Phones While Driving. 

Sending and receiving a text message or chatting with someone over the phone will only make you more prone to accidents. Using your phone while driving will only take your focus away from the road. You should only use your phone while your car is parked, for it can be very distracting. If there is a need to make an emergency call, you can pull over at the side of the road or park it somewhere safe before making that call. 

Focus On All Traffic Signs

Most drivers sometimes get this habit out of their system, which ends up in wrong traffic decisions. Paying attention to all road signs will help you know your speed limit and will stay within it. Do not follow other drivers who are not obeying the rules, for you may end up in a nasty accident. Following the traffic lights can also benefit you and avoid any accidents. 

Do Not Drive Too Close Behind Another Vehicle. 

One of the safety tips when driving is to make sure that you allow plenty of room for you and the car in front of you, in case you need to make a quick stop. Rear-ending can happen if you do not give enough space. Your insurance company may also raise your fees, even if it is the other motorist’s fault. 

At least create a space of 2 car lengths between you and the other vehicle. Doing this will give you enough space if you have to step on the breaks quickly. Allow more room if you are driving on icy or snow-covered roads, for it will take longer for you to stop. 

Give Others The Right Of Way

A time will come that you will encounter a four-way stop or scenarios where it’ll be hard for you to determine who has the right of way. If this happens, it’s best that you just let the other motorists have the right of way. You could end up crashing to one another if you and the other driver pull out at the same time. 

Driving defensively will ensure you that you are in complete control of the wheel. You can also focus more on the road, which will help you anticipate what the other drivers will do, helping you avoid such accidents to happen.