A Guide To Packing Parts Of A Dining Room When Moving

The dining room holds one of the most valuable pieces of furniture. Although some are lightweight, moving these items need extra care and caution.

Is there a right way to transport a dining room? Yes! First, you have to know that each furniture should have its cover. Second, when in doubt, book chandler movers to help with the move.

This article is your guide to proper dining room packing.

Step 1: Prepare The Dining Table

Before anything else, take a picture of the dining set for insurance purposes. The moving company sometimes computes for valuations or insurance if ever accidents or damage to the items happen. Wipe the dining set and allow it to dry before wrapping in plastic to avoid moisture build-up or stains. Also, apply one coat of polish for added protection while moving.

Step 2: Disassemble The Dining Table

Although many are not in favor of taking the table apart, this makes a move much more manageable. Start by positioning the table upside down, and then remove the legs by unscrewing or breaking the glue joints. Once you remove the pins, wrap them in a bubble or plastic wrap as well as the table itself. Secure the bolts and screws.

If you have a glass tabletop, take more precautionary measures. Use masking tape to primarily cover the table, then wrap it in packing paper. To add more security, use bubble wrap and place the table inside cardboard with the label saying “FRAGILE” and “HANDLE WITH CARE.”

Step 3: Packing The Dining Chairs

If possible, disassemble the chairs as you did the table for more accessible transport because, in general, the chair’s shape makes it difficult for movers to load it in the moving truck. If you wish to let the chairs remain as is, you can use bubble wrap or moving blankets. Before wrapping the chairs, wipe them with a coat of polish and let it dry.

Step 4: How To Move The Table And Chairs

When lifting the table, be it glass or wood, always lift with your knees and not your back. Also, make sure to clear the pathway of any obstructions to avoid unwanted accidents. Move the table as is if the legs are still attached. On the other hand, when moving chairs, stack them on top of another. If you’re unable to detach the legs, stack them by pairs and tie a rope around them to secure.

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